From Turkey To Swan: Say Goodbye to Jowels with a Non-Surgical Neck Lift

I am often asked what I’ve learned during the making of MOOIMAAK (our cutting-edge makeover television series). Besides the emotional lessons & insights I’ve gained, I’ve basically been given a free course in “non-surgical cosmetic treatments for dummies” (quite a cool little fringe benefit, I reckon). I’ve been familiar with the, let’s call it, Tier 1 or 2 level of treatments for some time (aimed at relatively young women in their late 20s or early 30s), but – given that many of our participants were in their 50s or 60s – I learned a fair bit about Tier 4 and 5 treatments by working so closely with the fantastic doctors of Skin Renewal and, of course, witnessing the results of their skills…up close & personal.


One of the non-surgical interventions I was particularly interested in was the combination of neck lift treatments performed on candidate Bernice. The neck is a particularly sensitive area for most women over 40 and one of the first areas to give away our age, hence, my number 1 beauty rule of including the “neck & decolletage area” when applying SPF or serums to your face. Failing that, however, or if this approach is “too little too late” and the dreaded turkey neck has already reared its ugly head, fret not for help is at hand. Of course, non-surgical options will never be as dramatic as actual surgery, but the risks are much lower, and, in my opinion, there’s a lot to be said for the kind of gentle improvements that attract comments like, “you look younger, but I can’t put my finger on it.” I think we can all agree that subtlety is sexy.

The talented and gentle Dr Dalize Willemse of Skin Renewal expertly performed both PDO & Silhouette Soft threadlifting on Bernice, successfully lifting our makeover candidate’s sagging jowls and – of course – her spirits.


  • What is a PDO Threadlifting?
  • PDO Threadlifting is basically a non-surgical, scarless face lift. The procedure involves using thin acupuncture, sterile needles to embed dissolvable threads deep underneath the surface of the skin. The threads are placed strategically into the dermis, where it acts as a frame for lifting and tightening loose or sagging skin
  • By boosting the skin’s cell regeneration process with threads, one can increase dermal elastin and collagen tissue, which is slowly but surely destroyed by the natural ageing process (yes, ladies, ageing is a b-tch).
  • How long does it take?
  • Between 15 – 60 minutes depending on the size of the treatment area.
  • Is it painful?
  • The threads are placed into the subcutaneous dermis (5mm deep), where there is mainly fatty tissue (there are no nerve endings here), so the treatment is relatively pain-free. A topical aneasthetic can also be applied to minimise discomfort.
  • Is there down-time?
  • No. Some slight bruising and swelling may occur, which can last 2-10 days depending on the amount of threads inserted. Nothing a bit of Armani or Sensai foundation won’t fix, though:)
  • What kind of result can one expect?
  • The PDO threading treatment gives an instant lifting & firming effect, with optimum results setting in after about 3 months. Due to the dissolvable nature of the threads, they will last between 4-6 months, but the continued collagen synthesis will leave the new skin structure in place.
  • Are maintenance treatments necessary?
  • An annual top-up treatment is recommended, but your Skin Renewal doctor will advise you on the best treatment plan for you, depending on your objectives.
  • For more info, click here.


  • What is a Silhouette Soft Neck Lift?
  • Silhouette Soft Lift™ is a minimally-invasive technique used to lift and tighten sagging tissue. It is a non-surgical alternative to a traditional neck lift and is growing in popularity, having been successfully performed over 25,000 times in 55 countries around the world.
  • How long does it take?
  • Up to an hour.
  • Is it painful?
  • The patient will be unaware of any pain due to local aneasthesia.
  • Is there down-time?
  • Patients can return to work the next day, with full treatment recovery taking 2-4 days.
  • Who is the ideal patient?
  • A person who has already had skin-tightening treatments such as Exilis or Titania Radiofrequency, but need extra support or lift for their skin. This was the case with Bernice.
  • What kind of result can one expect?
  • After the threads are inserted, the first level of collagen induction is only really visible after 3 months, although an immediate lift is visible directly after the treatment.
  • Are maintenance treatments necessary?
  • Silhouette Soft threads have a lifespan of 18 – 24months, but we recommend annual check-ups and maintenance treatments to continuously support the skin and continuously fight the natural ageing process.
  • For more info, click here

What Bernice Has To Say About Her Neck Lift Experience

Note the “tightened” neck skin & new, “cleaner” jawline

“Regarding the PDO Threadlift & Silhouette Soft® Neck Lift, it was the most amazing change! Dr Dalize worked with such a gentle touch, inserting all the different types of threads in various locations to achieve the non-surgical lifting results. The only strange thing was feeling the barbs just under your skin whilst it was being pulled to tighten the sagging skin. After the threading in the neck, there was an immediate improvement. Within a week, I was receiving amazing compliments regarding my neck! This must be  the quickest, least painful neck lift available. It’s done in a jiffy, with maximum results.” Bernice Du Plessis, MOOIMAAK 2017

Skin treatments (including non-surgical face & neck lift) by Skin Renewal & smile makeover by Dr JJ Serfontein
MOOIMAAK Clare Blog.png
The beautiful new Bernice (aka our “Julia Roberts”) photograped by Marguerite Oelofse


If you’re interested in either the PDO or Silhouette Soft threadlifting to treat the sagging skin on your neck (or your face, for that matter), I can wholeheartedly recommend consulting one of the doctors at Skin Renewal.

For our show, we worked with Dr Dalize (mentioned here), Dr Rulene, Dr Graham & Dr Andre (all of whom are based in Cape Town and utterly fabulous human beings). If you’re based in Johannesburg, Pretoria or Durban, however, contact your nearest branch here.

With love,


PS MOOIMAAK airs every Thursday on kykNET at 17h30, with repeats throughout the week. It is also available on SHOWMAX in certain countries (including the US). If you’re a before & after addict, don’t miss it!


Painted Love: The Photographic Art of Marguerite Oelofse

Clare Wiese BlogWith news of the recent fires breaking out in Knysna and Cape Town, I’ve often caught myself wondering, “what would I save”? If I was told by authorities that our home would soon go up in flames, which items would I struggle to imagine my future without? The answer is easy: photographs, photographs and more photographs.

Why? Firstly, because I have the memory of a scatter-brained gold fish and rely heavily on photographic evidence to remind me of past events and, secondly, because, well, time just flies by so damn quickly & photos are a precious, invaluable way to capture those fleeting yet magical moments in life that we wish to have “emotional access” to forever.

I am always the one arranging a professional photographer at special family occasions, anniversaries or birthdays. I have also had the somewhat challenging (read “impossible”) task of begging for and co-ordinating group family shoots in the past: everyone ALWAYS moans at first (we do enjoy a good moan) and, then, years later, cannot thank me enough for having persevered;)!

So, fires and families aside: if you – like me – are a sucker for sentimentality or just otherwise completely photo-obsessed, it gives me great pleasure to introduce you to someone whom I believe to be one of Cape Town’s leading portrait photographers, Marguerite Oelofse. Marguerite was one of the official photographers at our wedding last year and, most recently, I asked her to take the final Big Reveal photos of our makeover contestants on the popular television show, Mooimaak (as seen on kykNET in South Africa & on Showmax in the USA).

Here are some examples of Marguerite’s exquisite photos that have a signature “fine art” or painterly quality to them & a cool, avant garde edge:



…and here are some examples of her awesome black & white work (I need to cuddle that pony):




Emmie, as captured by Marguerite, for MOOIMAAK


Two days only: Sunday 29 Oct 2017 & Sunday 5 November 2017.

Studio shoot for kids or adults at Buchanan Studios, Woodstock, Cape Town.

Special price: R 2, 900.00 per family [you save R2, 100.00].


Duration: 1-2 hours.

Package includes: 10 retouched images by Marguerite Oelofse and hair & makeup by Gorgeous2Go.

Book now – first come first serve: email or call 073-316-8588.

Fashion styling is not included in this package, but can be arranged via Marguerite.

(PS these types of photos would make for awesome holiday cards)


With love & (good) light (ing),

Clare x



Big Hair, Do Care: The Best Volumizing Products for Flat, Lifeless Hair

After some serious root-boosting, spraying & blow-drying efforts, this is what can be achieved with PS & PL Hair that wakes up looking like helmet hair, I promise.

If, like me, you were born with PS & PL (Poker Straight & Pretty Lifeless) Hair, I am safely assuming that obtaining the right amount of volume is or has been a pretty up-there #hairgoal and probably a weekly, if not daily, battle. Girls with naturally bouncy, frizzy, wavy or coarse hair will never understand, bless their cotton socks. Why? Because any waves, curls, frizzy bits or bends can be magically GHD’d away in about half an hour (unless of course your mane resembles Monica’s in that Friends episode in the Bahamas), but getting volume into poker straight & pretty lifeless hair takes a different kind of will power: #thestruggleisreal, people.

So, having tried and tested an insane number of volumizing mousses, sprays, root boosters & brushes over the years, I’m here to share my go-to products with you, to help make you look like #youwokeuplikethis:

  • Joico Glamtex Clare Wiese-Wentzel.jpgStructure Glamtex Backcomb Effect Spray | I was introduced to this spray by my trusty Lameez Barendse, who does THE most phenomenal, volumizing blow-dry (she can be found flexing her blow-dry sculpted biceps at HAIR on Kloofnek Road, if you live in Cape Town: 021-422-2269). This product is amazing to spritz onto roots after a blow-dry, for that extra bit of grit and root boosting, and it works wonders to revive second- or third-day hair on them lazy days. If you’re feeling courageous, combine this spray with some good old-fashioned backcombing. Yes – I know – I should have been born in the 80s. Oh well.


  • Kevin Murphy Powder Puff Volumising Powder | Another product that genuinely works to boost hair at the roots (which is obviously where volume is needed most, especially if your face, like mine, can lean towards the rounder side) is a little white powder in a little pink shaker can. This product that I have since become obsessed with (to put it mildly) was first introduced to me by my beloved Gilbert, also of ClareWieseWentzel.jpegHAIR in Kloofnek Road, and – yes  – I will be eternally grateful. It’s so easy to use and just so freaking effective: simply sprinkle some of this magic dust onto your scalp (after washing and drying hair), massage in to the roots and VOILA, it’s Dallas in a bottle! I started using this product on my hair for our new television show, MOOIMAAK, and – by the end of filming – the hair stylists and I became involved in some pretty hard-core negotiations and barter deals over what become known as “The Pink Powder” (I had the only supply on set).  If you live in Cape Town, call Gilbert (021-422-4469, HAIR on Kloofnek Road) to get your hands on this stuff. If you live anywhere else, reach out to your nearest Kevin Murphy stockist or buy from Amazon. Do it!


  • ClareWieseWentzelBlogThe Phyto Phytovolume Actif Volumising Spray, aka the Holy Grail of hair-volumizing products | I got to know this spray as a cult hair product featured ad nauseam in the “best beauty buy” pages of  magazines like InStyle and, when my skeptical self eventually decided to give it a go, it  – literally – blew my hair back (sorry, I just had to slip that in:) Unfortunately, this product cannot be bought in South Africa, but Amazon sells it and, believe me, it’s worth the mission. Spray onto wet roots before drying hair upside down (at least for the first few minutes).


There you go, ladies. Here’s to good (aka big and bouncy) hair days!




Why You Need To Beautify Your Brows


I often get asked, “what are the key things a woman can do to instantly improve her appearance?” or “what are the best-kept beauty secrets?” As the creator & presenter of MOOIMAAK, a cutting-edge new television series which takes thirteen women on the makeover journey of a lifetime, I am – of course – expected to have at least some of the answers. No pressure then.Image result for gigi hadid brows

One of the things I always mention is the importance of having perfectly-shaped “Gigi H” brows. I always feel comfortable dispensing this piece of advice, as coloring and filling out my own brows is the very first thing I do every morning when putting my game face on. I won’t even go to the gym without my “game brows” (although, alas, I do go to the gym without a lot of other things, like my actual “game”, so…no judgment here;)

There is no doubt that brows that are the correct shape, width and tone can take years off your face, opening up your eyes and balancing the proportions of your bone structure. I was going to post some pics of my own history of brow-sasters here, to illustrate this point, but I really don’t want to put myself through that kind of cringe right now. As an added bonus, the incriminating evidence is nowhere near Facebook, so I am using the fact that I don’t have any dodgy pics at hand, as an additional excuse.

Luckily, I can post one of the incredible MOOIMAAK makeover photo sets hereunder,  to show you what a difference a good microbladed brow makes.  The show is still new and most of the “big reveals” are yet to be…well, revealed, so you’ll have to watch the series for the rest of the before & after‘s. (The show airs on kykNET every Thursday at 17h30 – if you live in SA, don’t miss it).


Angelina & Gwen, hereunder, seem to agree that fuller, more natural-looking arches are the most modern and flattering style.

So, now, you might be wondering which are the most effective ways to achieve brow-fection. Here are some tips.


Tweezing, threading & makeup

0000948_eyebrow-threading_300.jpegFor commitment-phobes and ladies with time on their hands, there is the option of getting your brows shaped by a professional brow shaper (yes, those people do exist), who will either pluck or thread the hairs into the best arch for your face, often requiring intermittent maintenance appointments to keep things tidy. I can’t personally vouch for them, but I’ve heard from a friend I trust implicitly that the therapists at Eye Candy Brows in Cape Town are fab. Once the basic shape has been defined, the correct makeup techniques need to be followed to enhance those areas that are thin, sparse or too light – filling, shading and coloring as you go.

Side note: I personally don’t believe in brow waxing, as the skin around your eyes is very delicate and waxing often thins the outer layers of the skin, thereby speeding up the aging process (and, come on, who needs that?).


Now, for those of you who are brave and bad-ass enough to take the plunge into permanent brow perfection, microblading is your new best friend. This form of permanent (or, technically, semi-permanent) makeup has taken the global beauty world by storm, as it’s a relatively quick and safe way to make brows look full and perfectly shaped, without the hassle of having to apply makeup every morning.

It gives me great joy to introduce you to the “BROW QUEEN” of South Africa, Cape Town-based Lisl Boshoff of Powderpuff Permanent Makeup. Images of her work appear above. It was during the production of MOOIMAAK and after many hours of research and telephone calls to my trusty sources, that I discovered Lisl. After viewing (or rather pain-stakingly scrutinizing) Lisl’s Instagram feed, I asked her to join our team of MOOIMAAK experts.

As expected, each one of the 9 makeover candidates who received microblading by Lisl were beyond thrilled with their results and, having seen their brow transformations first-hand, I cannot recommend Lisl highly enough. It’s no wonder that she recently won the PCASA Award of Excellence for Workmanship and Achievements in the Industry.

Fast facts about microblading

  • What does microblading entail? Microblading is a form of tattooing where a special permanent make-up machine or hand tool is used to implant pigments into the upper dermis layer of the skin by means of individually packed disposable safety needles.
  • Is it painful? Topical anaesthetic creams and special permanent make-up anaesthetic gels are used to numb the skin, so most people find it a little uncomfortable but never painful.
  • How long does it take? The first application takes 2 hours with one shorter touch-up application recommended 6-8 weeks later, to perfect the shape and colour.
  • How long does it last? Because permanent makeup can fade over time, maintenance visits can be scheduled every few years to keep your colour looking fresh.

Lisl offers free consultations to show you what shape and colour she would recommend for your face. Contact her on +27 (0)82 466 2429 or email her at

For more info, visit Powderpuff’s website, check out their Facebook page or grab a flat white and scroll through their highly addictive before & after Instagram feed @lislboshoff1.

Here’s to beautiful brows!